We will be heading to Uganda from March 4-17th, 2019. Here in Minneapolis we have seen the US side of the refugee crisis as our city has become home to many refugees fleeing from various parts of the world. Our goal has been to bear witness to the other side of the crisis and we are so thankful for the opportunity to join Fields of Life and see much of their work in Uganda as well as Bide Bide Refugee Settlement, the 2nd largest in the world with 270,000 people currently living there.

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This map shows where we will travel the 10 days we are in country.

About our trip…

When we were engaged, we discussed that in our unique callings as a pastor and as a filmmaker, and we determined that during the early stages of our marriage, it would be important to go and serve together and working in a refugee settlement was put on both our hearts. We want to bear witness to one of the largest global crises of our time. 

We hope to go and hear the stories of people who have been given clean water and an education through the work of Fields of Life, and have been given shelter in BidiBidi, the world's largest refugee camp, through the work of Fields of Life and their partners. We hope then to craft the stories we've heard into podcasts, sermons and films that will help encourage and empower and inform our networks of the needs and the celebrations taking place in Uganda. 

Thank you to all of you who supported our trip financially, including Mill City Church, so we were able to raise 100% of the cost of the trip! Because of you, we get to serve together right as we finish off year two of our marriage. Prayers appreciated!